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3 supplements to naturally heal your digestion


I mentioned in this post the steps I’ve been taking to heal and soothe my digestion after experiencing waves of discomfort and pain for over a year. So many of you asked what supplements have helped in my healing journey, thus I thought I’d share them with you today.

Like any healing path, the journey with soothing my digestion has been a long. I spent months experiencing waves of intense gut pain, sensitivity, tenderness and bloating, to the point where I was truly afraid to eat anything for fear of being in pain. I tried everything to soothe my gut, and it was only when I began to consistently take healing supplements, removed foods causing irritation and truly practised healing self care that the pain was able to soften and release.

Of course, your body is utterly unique in what it needs to heal, and I’m sharing this with you purely to inspire your healing journey however it may look.

Without further ado, here are the supplements which gracefully soothed my digestion in a matter of weeks, healing to heal my gut microbiome, clear my skin and calm the inflammation in my body naturally and with ease.


01 / slippery elm

An incredibly soothing herb which gently protects the gut lining to soothe inflammation and sensitivity. I take 2 tsp in cool water, 15 minuets before every meal and have noticed such a difference in my digestion. After weeks of being pain at each meal, I finally feel able to nourish with the nutrients it needs without feeling any pain or discomfort. Truly, this herb is magical.

I use / Neal’s Yard Organic Slippery Elm Powder

02 / l-glutamine

Calming, soothing and effortlessly healing, L-Gluttamine works to naturally repair the gut lining from the inside out. I take 2 tsp-1tbsp on an empty stomach (super important) in cold water (also super important) twice a day. Again, a combination or Slippery Elm and L-Glutamine has calmed the inflammation in my gut like nothing else, and is something I highly recommend looking into more if you’re struggling with IBS or digestive discomfort.

I use / Viridian Organic L-Glutamine Powder

03 / digestive enzymes

A beautiful way to aid digestion and enhance the absorption of nutrients from your food, digestive enzymes are wonderful for so many digestive issues. I take 1 capsule 3 times a day with food, and noticed almost immediately smoother digestion, less bloating and clearer skin.

I use / Wild Nutrition Digestive Enzymes (I adore these because they’re food based, which makes them far easier to absorb)

04 / breathe, let go

Self care is such an important part of healing gut imbalance. You need to rest in order to digest. For the last few weeks I’ve made a conscious effort to slow down and allow my body to unwind. After all, if you’re stressed beyond belief, working all hours of the day, your body will be in constant fight or flight response and unable to even begin the process of healing.

Meditation, long walks in nature, being present and calm before every meal, lots of sleep and being mindful of how I’m really feeling have all worked wonders in soothing my digestion.

Wherever you are right now, breathe. Allow your body to soften and mind to relax. For those of you struggling to slow down, read these.

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* As always, please seek professional guidance if you feel called to try any new supplement or protocol.

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