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Soothe / A ritual to naturally calm anxiety in moments

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Hello my loves, I hope you’re having a beautiful day.

The last week has felt a little overwhelming to say the least. I recently moved from my home in the peaceful English countryside to Stockholm, Sweden, where I hope to continue my studies in Fine Art. As I’m sure many of you know, relocating always brings with it a touch of uncertainty and I’ve been feeling a little more sensitive and anxious as a result.

Many of you ask how I calm my mind in stressful situations, so I thought I’d share with you my simple everyday practise to soothe anxiety in moments.

Whether you have 2 minutes or 20, here is a simple self care practise to release worried thoughts and naturally soothe an anxious mind, allowing you to return to place of calm, clarity and ease.

01 / pause

Rest whatever you’ve been working on. Close your laptop, put down your phone. Take a moment to let go of whatever you feel you need to do, or should be doing. Let it all go, just for a moment.

02 / soothe

Apply a soothing organic oil or balm to you skin, gently massaging it onto your chest, neck and wrists, pausing to inhale the delicate scent deeply and with intention. Allow the peaceful aroma to still and quiet your mind as you slip into a place of blissful relaxation and calm.

Here are a few of my favourite calming oils / Amly Beauty Sleep Face Mist, Scentered Sleep Balm, Therapie Pillow Spray, Magic Organic Apothecary Green Balm

03 / breathe

Find a quiet, comfortable space, preferably outside or near an open window. Sit in an easeful position, allowing your body to sink into the earth. Follow this simple breath practise to wash away anxiety in minutes.

inhale deeply, breathing in for the count of 4

hold for the count of 6

exhale fully, releasing the air in your lungs for the count of 4

repeat 4 times, or until you feel calm and at ease

Sit in a moment of stillness. Allow the sound of silence to caress your mind. Feel the tension rolling off your body and just breathe into this space of calm.

MOA Magic Organic Apothecary Green Balm, Organic Skincare, Non-Toxic Skincare,

04 / release

Stretch your arms above your head, taking a few slow, deep breathes. Softly move your body however you feel guided to, perhaps circling your wrists and hands, rolling your neck from side to side or softly swaying your spine. Breathe in to any areas of tension and allow them to dissolve with every inhale and every exhale.

05 / intention

Set a silent intention to move through the rest of your day gently and with ease, flowing through this practise whenever you feel anxiety arise and coming back to a place of inner calm.

How do you calm worried thoughts? What is your favourite way to release tension? Let me know here @fleur.aria, I’d love to hear from you.

With light,