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an organic skincare routine for soft, hydrated skin


With the sunshine finally gracing our English skies, warm weather and endless summer days stretch as far as the eye can see.

Often, I find that my skin feels drier during this time of year - perhaps due to the dry summer breeze or salty ocean water we encounter? The light, barely there serums I looked to no longer seem to be hydrating my skin enough, yet I feel reluctant to reach for the rich, heavy oils I used throughout winter.

A balance is needed.

I recently came across Votary London, a line of pure, organic skincare designed to bring your skin back into balance effortlessly and with ease. Their packaging is simply breathtaking, and their products have quickly become my summer skin essentials.

Here is my current skincare routine to for soft, hydrated skin all summer long.

no 1 / cleanse

Morning and night, I apply a small amount of the Geranium & Rose Oil Cleanser to my skin, massaging it gently into my face as I inhale the delicate floral aroma, allowing the soothing scent to balance and calm my mind. I then run the plush white washcloth (included) under warm water and remove the oil gently and with care.

Beautifully light and hydrating, it leaves my skin soft, soothed and deeply cleansed, without ever feeling overly tight or dry.


no 2 / treat

A beautiful blend of active plant botanicals, I apply a small drop of the Blemish Rescue Serum to any blemishes I may have, allowing the anti-inflammatory essences to softly sooth and calm my skin overnight.


no 3 / hydrate

Last by not least, I take a few drops of the Jasmine & Calendula Facial Oil and massage it into my skin in upward motions. An exquisite blend of hydrating botanical oils, it leaves my skin feeling soft, supple and hydrated in moments, without ever feeling weighed down or heavy.


What are your summer skin essentials? Let me know here @fleur.aria

Wishing you a beautiful summer,